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Dark Green Ivy Block Print Style

Dark Green Ivy Block Print Style

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Dark Green & White Ivy Block Print Style

Pick this bold green and white ivy block print to add some style and artwork to your home.
The intricate vines weave together to create a stunning portrait framed print perfect for anywhere in your home.
Our low cost, fashionable artwork is a great way to start your home decor artwork journey.
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Three Sizes Available

  • 15cm X 20cm
  • 30cm X 40cm
  • 60cm X 80cm

Four Frame Choices Available

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • White

Why Choose Find The Print

  • Sturdy wooden frame posters.
  • 170GSM matte paper.
  • Shatterproof transparent plexiglass.
  • Quick Courier Delivery
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Unique Bold Designs
  • FSC-certified or equivalent materials for sustainability.
  • Securely packaged for pristine delivery.
  • Paper size varies by region (inches for US/Canada, centimetres elsewhere).
  • Printed and shipped on demand, no minimums, for indoor use only.
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